3(II=afl. III=picc).3(III=ca).3(II=E♭cl+bcl. III=bcl+cbcl).3(III=cbsn) – 4331 – timp(=3 rototoms) – perc(3): crot/handbells/ tuned gongs/tgl/sleigh bells/sistrum/clash cymbal/2 susp.cym/anvil/tam-t/whip/rattle/cast/washboard/3 thunder tubes/2 wooden spatula/tamb/chimes/3 side drum/high bongo/2 tenor drum/frame drum/gong drum/BD & mounted clash cymbal/kit BD/concert BD – harp – pno – 6 part female chorus (off-stage) – strings (


Score and parts in preparation

The three parts of Dante are also available separately:

1. Inferno, c.40 minutes (orchestra)
2. Purgatorio, c.18 minutes (orchestra and pre-recorded voices)
3. Paradiso, c.24 minutes (orchestra with coda of female choir or orchestra)

Barbican Hall, Barbican Centre (London, United Kingdom)

Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Gustavo Dudamel