perc(1): drums/vib - keybd - gtr(=banjo) - bass


Published by Warner/Chappell.  Administered for rental and amateur stage rights by Faber Music Ltd worldwide (excluding North America)
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The Story
(Biblical and rock affiliations)
This popular show, from the writers of Follow The Star, is based on episodes from the Old Testament
beginning with the story of The Creation and finishing with the story of Moses.  Olly, the head angel,
oversees the creation and all goes to well until Lucifer rebels and Olly is forced to send him to Hell.
Thereupon Lucifer portrays the devil and tries to undo all the good the angels have done.  Olly decides the only way to rid the world of all of the bad people is to cause a flood – hence the story of Noah is
incorporated – but Lucifer survives this and Olly nearly gives up hope.  A little later Moses arrives and tells the angels that Pharaoh has captured his men and won’t let them go.  Olly suspects that Lucifer is behind this, which indeed he is.  However at the end of the day Moses defeats Pharaoh (as well all know!), and good prevails over bad.
Principal Characters (plus Chorus) 
Principal Musical Numbers 
Creation Song (Olly)
I Hate Gardening (Chicago)
Male Me A World (Adam, Eve) 
Out Of Tune With Your Heart (Eve)
Where Can I Park My Ark? (Noah)
Smile, Smile, Smile (Company)
Yesterday’s Dreams (Olly)