Song Cycle: vive la vélorution! is the third in a hugely successful series of 40-minute grand-scale choral works with jazz quintet by acclaimed British composer Alexander L'Estrange. It marked the grand départ of the 2014 Tour de France and, in addition to the quintet (with jazz trumpet and flute), features bicycle bells and pumps!

The ten cycling-themed songs [eight originals and two arrangements] take audiences on an exhilarating bicycle ride across hill and dale, celebrating both the appeal of this most energy-efficient mode of transport and the beauty of our natural surroundings. Song Cycle encompasses an impressive variety of musical styles including pastiche Victorian music hall, folk, minimalism, barbershop, musical theatre and, of course, jazz. If you loved Zimbe! and Ahoy! and are looking for an SATB and (optional) Children’s Choir choral work to wow your next audience with, look no further than Song Cycle: vive la vélorution!

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